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Flygrip helps amputees get full control of their smartphones, tablets, and ebook readers.

I just wanted to share. Lately, I have been getting more and more emails from Amputees, muscle/nerve damage victims, and carpal tunnel sufferers about how Flygrip has really made a big positive change in their lives. Early on, Flygrip has gotten attention from main stream users for it's excellent comfortable and productivity, but we also got attention from the amputee community.  One amputee Flygrip user from a hospital in Seattle...

The Iphone 6 plus is too big to use, too big to hold, yea, yea, yea. It is not! Geez.

I must have read about 25 articles on the internet from Tech blogs to gadget sites.  Most of them are praising the new Iphone 6 plus, yet they complain that it's too difficult to hold and use with one hand.  I want everyone to know that it is not too big! You just need the proper accessory...Flygrip.   Ok, I know I am biased on this, but I am not...

Living with a Galaxy Note for 2 Months

(click title to expand article) First off, I want to say thank you for all our Flygrip customers.  It is so great to hear such enthusiastic feedback from a product that I developed.  Just as a good cook or chef loves to hear that his/her customers enjoyed the special dish they made for the night, I just love that something that I worked so hard to develop is being widely...