The Iphone 6 plus is too big to use, too big to hold, yea, yea, yea. It is not! Geez.

I must have read about 25 articles on the internet from Tech blogs to gadget sites.  Most of them are praising the new Iphone 6 plus, yet they complain that it's too difficult to hold and use with one hand.  I want everyone to know that it is not too big! You just need the proper accessory...Flygrip.


Ok, I know I am biased on this, but I am not alone. Just ask the 100,000+ Flygrip owners who have been using it on their devices for the last 2+ years.  Flygrip has been extremely well received by smartphones users since 2012, since our debut as MacWorld 2012. I get customers to this day emailing me from Macworld 2012 telling me how much they love their Flygrip. Thank you guys!


Flygrip not only works on smaller touch screen phones, but works even better on larger touch screen phones like the new Iphone 6 plus, HTC ONE MAX, Samsung Galaxy Note 2, Note 3, Note 4, Note 4 Edge, Xperia Ultra Z, and the list goes on and on.


For anyone who truly is a multitasker, and uses their phone for most of their communication, their research, their socializing, then a big screen is super useful.


Benefits of a big screen:

1. Easier typing.. It's like a comfortable old Cadillac, nice and big and roomy. Room for your fingers to breathe. Ahh


2. Better emails..If you are like me, I answer a lot of emails a day.  A big screen allows you to not only have a big keyboard on screen, but you can see what your are typing paragraphs at a time, not just the last few words (small screens just allow a few words to be seen). I don't know about you, but when I type an email, I need to review what I am typing to continue the thought and make sure what I am writing makes sense and flows. 


3. Web experience. Again, more screen allows more to be seen without pinching and zooming and swiping side to side to read a sentence at a time! Oh my lord. How annoying is that?!  You can get a head from all that swiping left, swiping right. Not good.


4. Videos. That is just obvious. The bigger the screen, the less your face needs to be planted into the phone. Really? Do you really need to have your nose about 2" from the screen? I hope not. View it at a comfortable distance.


There are other benefits, and I can ramble on about it, but lets talk about the downsides.


Well, it is big...  But is it? I mean, I see a lot of Ipad mini users all of the place. They are carrying those around. Why is that considered not too big, but a smaller device is considered too big?  Hmm.


Anyway, yes, the bigger phones are difficult to hold and operate with one hand.  And if you throw a big case on it that makes it even bigger, then yes, forget about it, you need to hold on with two hands or that baby may fly out of your hands and onto the floor. 


But let's remember, that anything bigger, better and faster, you need the right equipment to handle it. 

For example:

  • If I drove a race car at a track going 200+ mph, and making hard turns, braking, etc.. I need to be strapped in tight with a helmet or else the g-forces would knock me unconscious and probably break my ribs at each turn.
  • If you are a professional boxer, and are throwing punches, you better have your hands/wrists taped up properly, or else you will break your hands.
  • If you are going deep scuba diving, you better have an oxygen tank..otherwise..see ya..


Well, you get the idea.  These new, big, awesome, powerful smartphones can be a bit much to handle..but that is why you need the right equipment to bring you up to speed. You want to play with big boy toys? You need a high performance accessory to properly use it.


Test drive a Flygrip today.  You will not know how you did without it.  I personally guarantee it.


60 day Money Back Satisfaction Guarantee.





Michael Karmatz