I don’t often take the time to write a lengthy review, but I feel the Flygrip deserves one.  In short, the Flygrip and their Customer Service are AMAZING! 

I really don’t know what I would do without my Flygrip.  Those pop sockets on the market are an inferior attempt to solve the issues that Flygrip has done, so so well.  The shape fits fingers more naturally, whether you have a small, medium or large hand; You can use the stand either portrait or landscape, and it is comfortable on the hand. 

I have been a long-time Flygrip customer.  I recently just broke my Flygrip.  My fault, most definitely.  The Flygrip team responded immediately, and during those several days I was without it, I could feel the strain on my hand holding, grasping, and gripping my phone.  It is not a natural or healthy motion to hold a phone in that position, but with the Flygrip, all of those issues are resolved.

The minute the new Flygrip arrived, and I affixed it to my new phone, I could feel the immediate relief in my hand.  No more clenching, no more pressure of the phone against the pad of my hand, which no doubt, would otherwise eventually cause nerve damage that so many complain about after use for long periods of time on their phone.  Articles show that younger people are experiencing damage to their hands from holding phones for so long, something that would normally occur with older people for other reasons. 

The Flygrip truly allows one-handed use and the confidence in knowing I am not going to drop the phone and crack my screen.  And, if I don’t want to use the Flygrip for a few minutes, collapse it against the phone and carry on. I love using it as a stand, especially when on a plane.  I put on by earbuds, play a movie and the stand allows me to view it without holding or balancing my phone.  I even bought one for my dad who is an arm amputee so he could easily use his mobile phone, something more challenging without the Flygrip.  What a difference for him!

Customer Service is off the charts amazing.  They are responsive and kind.  Tara especially makes things happen quickly and knows their product well, something you always hope for from a support side of things.

It doesn’t add much in the weight of your phone, or to the thickness of your phone.  The profile is sleek and minimal.  The short and long-term rewards are truly amazing.  With different size options, colors and sticker options, even a custom option, no two have to be alike.

Flygrip is a great product that solves a real problem.  Isn’t that what products are supposed to do?  I cannot say enough positive things about the Flygrip.  Truly, I can’t think of one downside.

I can’t recommend the Flygrip enough.  And no, I have not been paid to give this review. As a tech person, I find many gadgets useless, but I find the Flygrip a necessity. 

Get one and save your hands and your phone!  It truly was a game-changer for me.

F. Millman


I was skeptical at first after watching Qbking77's video. Then I bought the HTC M8 and it was such a slippery phone, I always seemed to drop it. I have to say...I'm CONVINCED!!! This is buy far one of the best accessories I've bought for any smartphone I've ever had. Since installation I have not dropped my phone once. The case that was included surprised me. I was not expecting such a high quality case with my purchase. I'm a customer for life. Thanks for such a great product.

Vince. M, Oak Park, IL 

 I have an iphone 6.  I have loved my Bethany flygrip for the last 1 1/2 years and get comments about it all the time!  I'm a 51 year old woman and surprised that more people don't know about them.  I can't imagine my phone without one!  I have removed it and put it back on at least once with great results.  Thank you!

Nancy T., Virginia Beach, VA

 I have been using a Flygrip since 2013.  I had my hand amputated due to a car crash in 2011 and struggled with juggling a phone and everything else..  I ordered two and have moved these from device to device.  What a useful item, I can't imagine using a phone without it.  I know that it has saved me the cost of a new phone many times over because it is almost impossible to drop your phone when using the Flygrip. Thank you for a great product.

Angie G., Delray Beach, FL


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 Hey, I just wanted to thank you for your help in ordering our fly grips. Especially the extra effort you put forth with your help in ordering the custom flygrip with the Swedish Dala horse for my wife.  She loves it. Without the flygrip I don't think we would enjoy our iPhone 6 pluses nearly as much. 

Dennis W., AMMON, ID

 Guys, I am so frustrated and I just really need to tell you about it.  I have been using my Flygrip for over two years and I love it.  My wife loves hers as well.  But for the past month and a half, I been using a temporary loaner phone and didn't have a case for it so I didn't put my FG on and this is driving me insane.  How on Earth does anyone ever use a phone without a FG?! I miss having it so much! My wife just switched phones last week and is in the same boat, and she has been complaining every single day to get a new case so that she can have her FG back.  Again, I just don't understand how anyone would NOT use this! You really don't realize how vital it is until it's gone!!

Btw, I am frustrated at my phone for not having a case, I am not frustrated with anything you guys did.  :)  This is just a Thank You note to say I appreciate the product and your customer service in general. 

Have a wonderful day!

Phillip G.

 Got my Flygrip Gravity today.  Have had it installed for about 5 hours on my Iphone 6 and I don't know how I lived with this phone without this incredible device.  Kudos to the engineers that came up with this ingenious item.  I love, love it !!

Rick B., Walnut Shade, MO


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 I have been a user of flygrip for since early last year.  I have three of them.  My daughter refused to upgrade her phone because her Edge S6 did not have a case to put her Flygrip.  It is the best little device ever. Great job!

Stanley S., Christiansted, Virgin Islands

 Hey Flygrip!  So I received my new Gravities, and WOW.  Just WOW!  I LOVE this even more than I did before!  The magnet lock is PERFECT, and it feels SO much sturdier!  Well done, guys.  I've been showing it off, and I already convinced two people to buy it!  One of my coworkers is convinced that I secretly work for you guys.  :) 

So I am completely happy and all set.  I just wanted to thank you again for your incredible customer service, and this outstanding product!  My wife didn't stop complaining about missing her Flygrip the entire time that I had to send it back; but now she is ecstatic about her new version.  So thank you guys!

Awesome product + awesome service = awesome and deserved praises.  :D Have a great day.


Our family (husband, daughter, & I) have been using Flygrips ever since we learned about them at CES a few years ago. We often remark on how can anyone handle their phones (especially the big ones!) without dropping or constantly rearranging how they’re held? We are careful where we place the flygrip so that we’re able to reach almost to the upper left corner of the phone with our thumb. (This is a Note 5) My original Flygrip broke after several years and I thought I’d go “cheap” and buy one of those double ring gizmos. I lost almost all dexterity in handling and navigating the phone and one of my fingers actually went to sleep! Gave up and went for what I know works best! Thank you Flygrip! 

Maren K., Lacey WA


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 I love the two Flygrip that I have. I have the original FlyGrip on my phone and the FlyGrip Gravity on my Galaxy Note 8.0 tablet. I have MS and it causes weakness sometimes in my dominant hand. The FlyGrip has allowed me to use my phone in the hospital and let family know how I was doing. I couldn't have done that without my FlyGrip! Thank you! I recommend them to everyone!

Christina S., Brewster, NY

 I receive my fly grip yesterday while I'm leaving for work, I don't have a words to say that you haven't heard before again and again about your product except WOW and the customer service a TOP NOTCH Only a handfuls of companies can compare to yours Thank You again. 

Gerald U., Los Angeles, CA

 I just want to say thank you for making an amazing product.  I've been using flygrip for a bit over a year now I think on my various phones(originally led to you guys by QBKING77. In that time the moments when I havent had a flygrip attached to my phone has been an annoyance.  I actually work in a cell phone store, selling sprint devices, and had a customer come in the other day.  She was wondering if she could operate a smart phone because she had a muscular problem with her left hand, she could grip, but only in a closed fist and then super tightly. I was showing her some features on my Note 3 and asked her to try and grip the flygrip on the back.  It was in the kickstand position and it gave her the purchase she needed to use the device and actually be able to use a touchscreen.  Before that her only option was to have it lay flat and push buttons with her right hand.  I gave them your web address and told them to look into getting one for her, they were quite enthused when I told them that they'd be able to attach it to basically any phone they wanted, even if they decided to keep a basic flip phone.  It was amazing to see how happy she was with it, I can only imagine the pains and frustrations she had gone through while attempting to use phones in the past with her disability.  Anyways, keep up the good work guys.

David C., Amarillo, TX


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 I just received my flygrip and thought I'd take a minute to tell you how much I enjoy it. I'm a runner and always carried my phone in my hand,the flygrip has made my run with my phone much easier. Also I was very pleased with the customer service I received, thank you

Janellen S., NY

I want to say how much I enjoy your product. I bought my first Flygrip at the end of 2012 and haven't used my phone without a Flygrip on it since. I can no longer use my phone without a Flygrip, it just doesn't feel right.I have bought several of the Flygrips (4 total for my devices and several other as presents) and am always showing it off to people who have never seen them. I have gotten several of my family members and friends addicted to the Flygrip also. I have never heard anyone that I referred to your product have not a single complaint about it. You have a very usual product that many people don't seem to understand it's value to their everyday phone/tablet usage till they try it for themselves.

Stephen P., SPRING, TX

 "I have had the FlyGrip (Original) on my phone for nearly 2 years. I am in the tech field and am not impressed by many tools, but the FlyGrip is AMAZING!

Grasping my phone and needing two hands all of the time to perform functions was getting ridiculous - and then, I saw the FlyGrip and ordered it immediately, which is rare for me. Freeing up both hands and freeing up my thumb, but still holding onto it firmly with the FlyGrip has stopped cramping and I surely don't drop the phone, like I see so many others do theirs.

I just upgraded my phone to the Samsung S4 (which I also really like) and was THRILLED to see the FlyGrip Gravity which resolved a few limiting features with the FlyGrip Original (for my use.) It's on its way and I cannot wait to free up the grasp I had forgotten about with my old phone. And, the FlyGrip Customer Service people are wonderful! :)" 

Francine M., MILL VALLEY, CA


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 Hello. I have had my fly grip for almost a year now, and I can't believe what a good product it is. I am an engineer and I'm very skeptical when it comes to new products and believe me when I say this is a good product. I lost my  left arm in 2010. Not only has your flygrip group made it possible to easily hold is smart phone, but it is not broken nor has the 3M double-sided tape Lost its hold. I just wanted to tell you I am an extremely satisfied customer.

Aaron N., EL PASO, TX

 I just got my flygrip in the mail, and well, I really like it.  More surprisingly since I had an international order, I expected that I wouldn't get the free case, but it came in the box which was a nice surprise.  I applied the fly grip off to the right so I can use it as a kick stand with two angles at landscape.

I also expected the case to be a crappy toss-in, but I really like it too! It looks great, has a great grip, and goes well with the fly grip, and I'm totally using it to replace my old case.
Also the packaging was very high quality and I liked the fold-out instructions, nice design work and photography there.
So, basically, I just wanted to convey that the flygrip and the case really exceeded my expectations. :)

Mark O., Toronto, Canada

 I have had my FlyGrip for a long while now.  I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE it!  I tell all my friends about it.

I am getting a new phone at the beginning of November and would really like to add the Gravity to the Samsung 4 I will be getting.
Thanks!  It's a really great product!

Francine M., MILL VALLEY, CA


Shop Now


 Hello my name is Ali and i just recently purchased flygrip gravity, i just wanted to let you know that its an amazing product, i have a galaxy s4 that ive been using for the past 2 years; and i have small hands and have been doing the whole juggling act on my palm for awhile to balance my phone while texting or using apps one handed, i was soo frustrated that ive been hunting for a used iphone 5s the past couple of months to purchase so i can get back the one handed usage of mobile phones, but with this product i feel i can confidently shop and keep up with the growing trend of large mobile phones.


 Good day!   I was pleasantly surprised to come home today to find my fly grip awaiting me! Was not expecting it for a week! 

Just thought I would let you know I'm enjoying it and I'm extremely impressed with the quality of service you have giving me! It's outstanding! 
Thanks for the great product.

James S., South Africa

 I couldn't wait one whole week to email you with my thoughts on this awesome product! I knew after just 10 minutes of using flygrip I honestly don't know how I ever lived without one!!


 Have an amazing innovative product,and know how to do business the right way.Thanks and keep it up!


 Thank you! I love this thing, by the way, it’s the best!!!!

Cristina F., Miami, FL

 I have a Samsung Galaxy S3 and when my Friend got a flygrip I was honestly a little skeptical. I thought to myself how it would never hold up. as I watched him use it more and more it stood the test of time and I found myself slowly wanting one. This is an absolutely great product, very reliable, and absolutely versatile. I can not wait until I receive mine, thank-you.

Trenna M., Ozark, AZ

 Just wanted to say that I absolutely love the changes with the gravity.. You all truly have great customer service. :)


 My son makes fun of me because I have two flygrips on my note 8. But guess what? When one hand gets tired, I just switch hands using the flygrip. It works awesome. Also, you know, a lot of people haven't heard about you. People come up to me all the time and ask me about the gadget. I always give them your website, but you might consider advertising. You have a wonderful product that should be installed in every smartphone out there. That's a lot!

Jeff A., Manhattan, KS

 OMG!  I'm so excited!   I am now going to have to post all over Facebook about the amazing customer service at Flygrip AND THEN ALL 600 OF MY FRIENDS/FORMER STUDENTS WILL BE WANTING TO ORDER THEIR OWN FLYGRIPS BECAUSE THEY'VE PROBABLY NEVER HEARD OF IT!

Customer Service this good is rare, especially in this new century.  Awesome restoration of faith for me in businesses that still care about their customers.
Valerie B, Mechanicsville, VA

 The Flygrip Gravity is AMAZING. Huge upgrade! The new case is pretty kick @ss too. I like the design and size. Thanks for making this process super easy. I love showing my friends the Gravity.

Stephen M., ELKTON, MD

 FlyGrip is a fantastic product! Due to a disability I am unable to use my left hand. I need to hold my phone and type using just my right hand. FlyGrip allows me to do this with ease! I have used FlyGrip successfully with a BlackBerry and an iPhone. Thanks to FlyGrIp I have never dropped my phone and I am able to type fast and accurately with one hand. 

Paul S., NY

I truly love the FlyGrip. I have proclaimed to everyone I see how useful it is and how it truly changed the way I interact with my phone. I can't tell you how many people see it and fall in love with it.

James O., Aberdeen, MD

By far one of the best investments I have ever bought...just wanna thank you for an awesome product... keep up the good work....

Kevin C., Old Bridge, NJ

Received my flygrip 1.5 yesterday morning. FedEx did a great job to deliver the package (as usual).  I am using my flygrip for a few hours now.  Congrats for the great product and exceptional customer service.   A happy customer :-)

Denis L., FRANCE

Have to commend you for the strength of your adhesive... It's amazing! I got a new iPhone 5s for Christmas and was sad, thinking I was going to have to wait to replace my pink flygrip on my 4S until I could get more adhesive. Imagine my surprise when I peeled my flygrip off the old case and, as a joke, just placed it on my new 5S case AND IT STUCK! It's still there, holding strong, even after over 18 months on the first case. I've been telling everyone about your product (I'm a sports photographer and shoot Navy football for GoMids.com) but this is even better. 

I am loathe to replace the 5S case for a simple black one (like the one I got from you when I bought my pink flygrip) cuz I don't want to pull off my flygrip and I can't find any replacement adhesive. You guys really put out a high quality product and I absolutely love it...  Thanks for creating such an awesome (and amazingly simple) product... it's terrific and I am a HUGE fan!
Alison A.


Hi. I am addicted to my FlyGrip, can’t live without it. 

Patricia D., Clayton, MO

Just got my new leopard flygrip. Love It!

Lynette V.,

Firstly, I wanted to thank you for being honest and a completely upstanding company.  I would not have been able to tell you when I ordered my initial order was but you guys knew immediately.  Secondly, you found my order and you offered to replace mine, sent out easy to follow forms that day and even paid the postage.  I bundled up my old flygrip and sent it to you.  Within a week, 1 week, I had my new and greatly improved sweet carbon fiber flygrip.  Put it on yesterday with new adhesive and the alcohol wipe that was provided and got two compliments on it.  This new flygrip is a bit longer so it acts as a great stand for my Galaxy Note 2 and just looks amazing.  It lies flatter and while I am not sure how it latches, it works great.  THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!!!  This kind of service, standing behind your product and continuous improvement is what makes you a great company and FlyGrip a GREAT product.

Alan W., Broomfield, CO

Another big FYI, I watched a lot if not most of your YouTube videos and didn't notice you mention how fantastic and versatile the FlyGrip is when in kickstand mode.  I find that around the house or office I leave the phone in kickstand mode and don't even bother to open the FlyGrip to normal mode.  I love the way you can grab the phone with the kickstand between my ring and middle finger, the grip is plenty secure and you can set the phone down either vertical or horizontal without adjusting anything.  Way Cool!

I better quit rambling or you won't have time to read it all.  All I can say is I wish I were your business partner, you have a big winner here, but I don't need to tell you that. :)
I wish you the best of luck and much deserved success.

Larry M.

I bought a Flygrip in December and I have been LOVING IT!

Philip G.

I’ve been using the upgrade for a while now and I absolutely love it! Thanks flygrip!

Kyle P., Louisville, KY

Got my order placed, can't wait for it to arrive! I would just like to say that you guys are honestly my favorite company that I have ever had the pleasure of doing business with. Your customer support is outstanding and you go far beyond what most companies would do for their customers. From warranty service to any kind of inquiry, you guys are always pleasant and there to fulfill the customer's needs. I feel totally confident in recommending your product to anyone that spots me using it and that is backed by your great customer service. Thanks for being so awesome!

Previous Flygrip Owner upgrading to 1.5
Skyler D., Eaton Rapids, MI

Now I don't just love the product, I love the service as well. I'll always recommend your product.  I showed off my FlyGrip last night at a tax preparation class, fyi, and everyone loved it.

One appreciative customer-Steve
Steve W., Ramsey, MN

Hi, I bought a couple FlyGrips last year and absolutely love them. One of the most useful little pieces of plastic on the planet.
Sajan P. , WALCOTT, IA


The flygrip is perfect. I instantly saw the genius of it and ordered one right away. Best phone accessory I can possibly imagine! Thanks!

Forrest H., San Luis Obispo, CA

I love this thing. my iPhone 5 was destroying my right hand- i was always propping it up with my little finger and over time its caused a lot of pain and stress in my right hand. Flygrip eliminates that. cheers

Dennis W.

I bought my FlyGrip a few months ago and I immediately put on the case and the flygrip on my Note 2. YAHOO!! I love it. I decided after a few weeks to take the case off and see if I could remove the flygrip from the case and reattach it to my phone and i just peeled it off and stuck it on the phone and YAHOO!!! it worked like a charm. I did not have to use another adhesive strip or anything. It has been on the back of my phone for about 6 weeks and works great. i recommend it to everyone even galaxy 1, 2 and 3 users. I am a heavy user also (3,000+ minutes of talk time per month and I am constantly taking pictures, drawing on them and sending them via text and email to my associates and I get and answer a few hundred emails a day and all the while my FlyGrip makes me be able to use my phone SOOOO EASILY) You can use this as a testimonial if you want. 

Alan W Denver, CO

Had to contact you to say how awesome the FlyGrip is :D Ordered it on-line for shipping to the UK and 2 days later it arrives! Very pleasantly surprised, really didn't expect it this quickly All I can say is what a genius invention I have the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 which as we all know is a massive phone, but the FlyGrip makes it almost invisible and holding my hand upside down with the phone on my palm saying 'oooo loook, magic' has been quite amusing for all lol. I will definitely be recommending it to everyone. Thank you again :D

Janine, Plymouth, UK

I've bought 4 of these now and love them. Despite being in the UK, I came across them on CNET. Great product and what's even better is the fantastic customer support.

Se-Yeon P., Surbiton, Surrey

@FlyGrip i love holding on to my phone with my handy handle. u guys are genius!

Lisa W. (Twitter)

I absolutely love my FlyGrip. It has made using my Galaxy Note II even more enjoyable. Which is saying a lot considering it is my favorite phone ever! I hope you have received lots of orders from The Tri Counties in Pa. I know with it attached to this flagship phone I get ask constantly about the phone and then "what are you holding it with?" or "isn't that phone to big for you Lil hands" Nope not with this awesome FlyGrip " my son says you & Sammy should hire me!

Jonelle G.

First off let me just say that the FlyGrip is the first phone accessory I never knew I needed. It has been the most amazing addition to my new Samsung G3 and I could not imagine using the phone without it. 

Bijan N., Sacramento, CA

Just upgraded from the iPhone 3GS to the iPhone 5. I've been using FlyGrip for several months, and it's AWESOME!! Thank you so much for inventing this.

Valdis K., Kent, WA

I was in NYC this past weekend (Labor Day weekend) and came across a display cart at Pier 17. My kids were fascinated and had to have one right away. My daughter has a Samsung transform ultra and my son has an HTC EVO 3G, the sales person at the cart attached the FlyGrip to their phones. All I can say is I am glad we found the FlyGrip on the last day we were in NYC because that’s all I heard about the rest of the night and on the flight home they were showing me all the great features. If we would have found them the first day they would not have wanted to see all the sites NYC has to offer. After using their phones with the FlyGrip I now see the fascination and need to get one for my phone, I have the HTC EVO 4G LTE, which does have a kick stand and a pretty nice one at that, what it doesn’t have is a FlyGrip that allows me to better use the phone with one hand. If word of mouth is the best form of advertisement you now have a loud voice in Wisconsin, great job with your invention. 

Frank P., Wisconsin

 I ordered my first fly grip about three weeks ago. I don't know how I managed working with my SGSII without it. I love it so much I had to order a second fly grip for my Samsung galaxy note 2 that'll come in tomorrow. I would definitely recommend fly grip to any and all smartphone users out there. It makes using the phone so much easier to work with overall and allows for one handed operation on my Galaxy SII. No more worries about dropping my phone, what a relief. Thank you for inventing this simple must have tool.

Aaron D., Las Vegas, NV

 Thanks for creating those YouTube videos!! They really helped make my decision. Best of luck with this great product. I will definitely show off my shiny new FLYGRIP to everyone!

Steven D., Newport, RI

 I LOVE FLYGRIP. An update.  My friends which have now purchased as well as me on my 2nd purchase are 100% satisfied. It has changed the way we use our phones.  i am going to place a few more other orders to take overseas with me, can't wait.

Frank L.


Thank you for making such a wonderful technology tool! As a Mother of 4 young adults and a Wife of an Executive, I have purchased probably have as many pairs of gym shoes as I have electronic devices over the past 10 years. The only difference is gym shoes do not break when they are dropped. As you can imagine, our family has had our share of dropped, repaired and replaced electronic devices. I view FlyGrip as not only a “handy” tool, but as "insurance". The FlyGrip is literally going to be a financial lifesaver for our family of six. As each new FlyGrip has been added to our collection, we have discovered an unexpected benefit and that is that the Fly Grip offers immediate, individual identity for each of our devices. Dad’s FlyGrip is black graphite, Megan’s is turquoise blue, etc …. My Husband really likes the "easel" feature the FlyGrip adds to his phone. When in meetings, he sets his phone "up" and he can see his screen clearly and can also be hands free. So thank you again for making my already happy family even happier! 

Sincerely, Susan R. FlyGrip Fan from Wichita, KS

BTW I love your product. I bought it half year ago when I was in the USA. It's awesome

Flip R., Czaplinek, Poland

Totally cool. everyone always asks me where I got it. you guys are awesome
Todd H., Los Angeles, CA

Thank you for being innovative and awesome
Roy P.

 I wanted to follow up with your company regarding my purchase of the FlyGripback in early November. I only ever write a company back regarding their product if its stellar or poor.  Luckily in your case, it was stellar!

I must say at first I was quite hesitant, a small attachment/accessory that is attached to the back of the phone/case? let alone by adhesive? Well I'm sold on it. My Galaxy S3 was a little clumsy to hold and use at times, especially when using the Swype keyboard, surfing the web and reading e-books in bed.

The FlyGrip is fantastic, I'm easily and comfortably able to hold my phone doing a variety of day to day tasks, answering emails, texts, reading, surfing, playing games without the worry of dropping my device. The design doesn't obstruct the ability to slide the phone in and out of my pockets and is very well thought out.

I have advised my family and friends about the FlyGrip as they were wondering what the heck was attached to my phone. After showing it off they were pretty fascinated by it. I'll definitely be keeping the FlyGrip in mind for future purchases/gifts for others,

Nice product, stellar service as well. Keep up the good work!

Anies A., Pequannock NJ

 Just received my Flygrip...LOVE IT...walked around with my iphone in hand...nothing better! Great idea, great invention, great execution! 

Patti, New York

 Hey, my flygrip came in and I love it!!!!!!! It makes using my phone so much easier to use. And I think some of my friends are getting one. Thanks for all your help. Thanks.

Candler, Statesboro, GA

 Thank you so much for double checking! <about size of Flygrip ordered>! 

She is, in fact very petite. and... WOW - your customer service is on par with your amazing product! I get people asking me all the time what it is and where to get it. I think this is the 4th or 5th flygrip i have ordered.
Joshua K.

 I can't believe how much I LOVE YOU guys!!! My iphone was just stolen and while it really upsets me just thinking of all the things I lost (no back up) ( I'm old) haha.. I'm REALLY upset I lost my Lady Gaga Fly grip!!! I'm really poor and I guess a little selfish cause I NEEDED to order myself a new one right away.. You find after using it you TRULY can't live without one!! Thank you for thinking of such a great tool!

Claudia C., New York

 I heard about Flygrip from Bethany Hamilton, when she promoted her designs on Facebook and Twitter. I really like using the Flygrip. I am frequently using my phone with just one hand, especially when I am texting or playing games while I feed my baby. It works very well to help me steady my phone while I am using the touchsceen, all with the same hand. People ask about it a lot, and I am glad to tell them where I got it. The free case I got is the same as the one I already had, so if I ever want to use the phone without the flygrip, all I have to do is switch the cases. I like that I can use it to hold my phone up, which I do sometimes when I am playing a video. When it is snapped down, it adds little bulk to my phone. I can still put my phone in my pants pocket or in the outer pocket on my purse. I was especially glad that I could support Bethany Hamilton and her cause. Great product! I definitely recommend it to other people.

Kelly H., Burnsville, Minnesota

 Today I got my flygrip for my note two!!! I am very happy!! ;)  Thanks


 Hello amazing people at Flygrip! 

I was wondering if you will be getting anymore blue complimentary cases for the iphone 4s to go with the blue flygrip I was thinking of getting for my girlfriend? 
Also wanted to say, i'm loving my flygrip!


 Thanks, I wish you guys much success on this product. I think it's genius.

Joel D., College Park GA

 OMG!!! Your flygrip is the best thing ever!! Not sure if you remember me, but I ordered for my handicapped sister! Can only use right hand!! You helped us with the peace sign and it is perfect!!!! Sooo helpful to her!! I thank you so much, I hope you have great success with your product! I'm very sure you will!! Good luck!! Thank you again,

Sharon B.

 I purchased an original flygrip for my galaxy note 2. The product is amazing, I use it everyday. Two quick questions, is there any discount on a purchase of a flygrip 1.5? And is if so will it be available in colors other than black and white? Thanks in advance for the response and a great product.

Blake J., Bronx, NY

 I absolutely ADORE the flygrip!  By far, the best accessory for a cell phone I have ever had the privilege of using.

Matthew M., ELYRIA, OH


That's great news! Thank you! I am once again impressed by your team's great customer service. Great product, great after service. What more could I wish for! Thanks again. 



Thanks for the video. I got my FlyGrip today, and I was very impressed with everything except for portrait stand. I didn't notice the little groove under the main groove until you just pointed it out. Now that's not a problem, I LOVE this thing. ^_^



Thanks your customer service is amazing. I will send as much business your way as I can. Good service should be rewarded!!!!

Derek A.,Evington VA


I just wanted to email and say I absolutely love my Flygrip. It's the perfect companion to my smart phone and I even have different strategies for how I hold my phone now. I can't imagine using my galaxy note without it anymore. A case makes my note too large but without one I have to constantly worry about dropping it. Flygrip solves all my problems and gives me a perfect stand on top of that. I can't thank you enough.
Tudor C., Las Vegas, NV


I've always wanted one since you guys came out with them, and now that I have a Note 2 I finally purchased one. Just installed it along with this video and I already love it. Thanks guys!
ThuqnificentLI, YOUTUBE


In every other way I absolutely love this thing! The design is incredibly clever. I love the way I can "grip" the phone without having to worry about dropping it. I'm the "Gadget Guy" in my office, and in my meeting this morning everyone agreed this was the coolest thing they had seen (I got all the credit for your ingenuity). The kickstand functionality is just icing on the cake. This is going to be a very popular accessory.
Michael M., Cedar Hills, Utah


The Flygrip is an ESSENTIAL accessory for my Galaxy Note 2. I haven't dropped it since I put the grip on. The phone is awesome, but no one has fingers long enough to use it without a Flygrip. It just gets dropped way too much without one. Thanks!
Mitch R., Utah 


Love your product! But I'm switching to yet ANOTHER case and can't go without my FlyGrip! Can I purchase additional adhesive tape from you? Thanks! 



I was skeptical. $30? I've bit on things like this before and not been happy but I figured if they threw in a free case for my phone, I could try it out on that case and not worry about whether the adhesive would damage my favorite case. I've got a fairly big phone (Samsung Galaxy Nexus) and even though I have large hands it can be awkward at time. The Flygrip looked quite useful in the videos -- I could quite using my pinky finger to support the phone! So I bought it (Paypal is great!). It arrived with case and I started using it right away. The case wasn't the best so I contacted the vendor and got GREAT customer service -- replied almost immediately, promised to resolve the situation by replacing the (free) case and being very up front about the whole thing. Very responsive, not defensive and follow-through.

Well, as it turns out, I don't need a new case. I'm crazy about this thing! It's $30 well spent! After about a week, just for grins, I used a case for a day that didn't have the Flygrip attached. What I found was how much easier it was to hold and use my phone with the Flygrip. Without it, it was awkward to navigate the screen and typing was more difficult. The difference was substantial AND I found that I really missed using the stand. So, that day made a real believer out of me. Is it worth $30? You bet!


I have a Galaxy Note I and II and a Samsung Galaxy S III. I have 2 Flygrips (one large and one medium) and I love them so much. I searched for such a product online and that's how I found out about Flygrips.

Tudor C. Las Vegas, NV


Truly a great product. Everyone that I show it to thinks its awesome.



Just got my flygrip today and I love it already! Makes the Note 2 so much easier to use :) The flygrip is sticking quite well so far to the bodyglove case with the textured back. Thanks for such a great product!  This is the greatest accessory for a phone that I have ever owned!


I have had my fly grip now for about a week. I am really liking it so far! It makes my Galaxy Nexus feel so secure in my hand. It really does make using a large screen device much more fluid with one hand. Works great when used as a stand too in both portrait and landscape. Not a problem in my pocket, just took a small adjustment to how I put it in. Customer service was excellent. The case it came with is a nice tpu case that looks identical to my Diztronic case but is actually grippier because it has a gloss finish. Could not be happier with my purchase or order experience. :-)
Justin L., Jacksonville, FL


When I first got my Samsung Galaxy S2 my only concern was dropping it because it was so large. Then I stumbled across a video for the Flygrip (Hi QBKing77!) and instantly ordered one. The Flygrip has been my favorite all-time accessory on any phone I've ever used. It has saved my phone from many drops, allows me to confidently take pictures, Swype, reach the upper corner of the screen and makes every part of using my phone easier. I can't imagine my phone without a Flygrip!
Nathan M., Pineville, LA


I got my FlyGrip and really like it. Way to go - made in U.S.A!

Robin S, Esq.


Hello I recently ordered a Flygrip for my Samsung Galaxy Note. I had settled on the Otterbox Commuter case and was questioning whether the Flygrip would attach securely to the textured back of that case. I'm glad to report to you that the attachment seems to be totally secure and there have been no issues at all. The Flygrip is a fabulous add-on to my GNote, making it a dream to handle and use!

Trish C.

I received my FlyGrip today. I wasn't entirely sure how useful it would be, but I ordered it based on a recommendation from qbking77. Wow, this little device is amazing. I am shocked at how small it is, yet how powerful it is in that I can hold my device without worrying about dropping it. This is a great product. Continue to do work! Thanks,
Michael K., Cross Lanes, WV

Thanks for this unbelievable accessory for my kindle. Recently the arthritis in my thumbs have gotten so bad I could not press the keys or hold my kindle. Since i am a voracious reader it was devastating not to be able to read. I saw your Flygrip on a TV show and ordered it for myself. It is so great because it enables me to hold my kindle without any pressure on my thumbs and gives me the flexibility to press the tabs.I was so impressed with the FLYGRIP that i showed my wife and she bought one for her cell phone. She is now a convert because it allows her to hold the phone securely and enables her to reach all over the phone with one hand.
Arnold J., NYC, NY


Just wanted to give you guys some quick feedback: I received my Flygrip today... so far I really love it! It is hilarious and awesome that the free included case is the same case I am using (my favorite case, after buying 7 or 8 different ones). Anyway... all in all, really loving the product so far.


I received my FlyGrip on Monday and so far I really like it. It makes walking with my phone much easier as well as general multitasking. I generally never drop phones, but the Note II is definitely the easiest to drop due to its size (and I have done so a couple times). Best of all, it makes one handed usage down-right easy even with such a large screen.


Thanks guys - I did watch nearly all your youtube videos before buying... great marketing and education... completely bought it with confidence for my note 2.
I'm the head of IT and we just release S3's and Note 2's for the company so I showed off flygrip to everyone at the office (people were having tough times w/ note 2). you should be getting several orders soon!

Jerry, Plano, TX


Hello, I have a question and a thank you. 1st of all I would like to say thank you for creating an awesome accessory for smartphones. I just received mine today and I love it. Secondly is my question, I accidentally installed my flygrip slightly off and will be reinstalling tomorrow with the backup stickypad that the flygrip came with. My question is, is it possible to order a couple of backup sticky pads for the future? I might be getting a new phone in the near future, and would like to pick up a couple extra sticky pads so I can transfer it to a new phone when I get it, since I am gonna use my backup that it came with. If it is possible, please let me know how to order a couple of the sticky pads. Thanks again for the accessory, you have a happy customer here and I will definitely be recommending to anyone with a smartphone / tablet!



Flygrip, my new best friend. I received my little red buddy as a gift, and, now, can't imagine using my iPhone without Flygrip, we are on a first name basis from this day forward, my friend Fly. I had errands to do that required my calling for information on every purchase I was making. I was able to do this easily with Fly, Fly enabled me to hold the items I was purchasing, take a photo of same, push send, receive a reply; all the while, not losing my place on line at the register. I shall never shop again without my buddy Fly. It was attached to me over two hours, I forgot it was neatly tucked on my hand with no fear of dropping.

Nancy K., Melville, NY


I had my Flygrip on my phone...but was not using it at the time...just holding the phone (Samsung Epic Touch)...walked into the kitchen and dropped the phone on the ceramic tile...the back flew off the phone but the Flygrip remained attached...the battery flew out of the phone but the phone was not scratched... 

Moral to this story is always use this very useful device for the phone...it works so perfectly that there is no chance of dropping the phone while using...and the kick stand is perfect to have your phone at an angle that you will notice messages and calls from your phone...
Angie K., CONROE, TX


I have a Droid Razr and the FlyGrip has been a God send!! Before buying my phone I had heard about the FlyGrip from the Howard Stern show and decided to check the website out, the site made it look so practical that I bought one immediately, even before I purchased my new phone! The new Razr is wide and top heavy so using it with out the FlyGrip feels unstable, like I could drop it all the time, using it one handed to type or browse is ridiculous. With the FlyGrip I can hang onto my phone without having to squeeze or worry about it. Its also nice for using my FlyGrip like a stand for when I am at work, making glancing at it so easy. I have used it with my various phone covers and the adhesive works excellently. I had to recently order more adhesive because I switch it out frequently and removing the adhesive is worry free with a butter knife. Oh, and my phone fits on my charging dock even with the FlyGrip attached which is wonderful!

The receipt of the FlyGrip and the adhesive were both very prompt after I placed my orders. I wish I could afford more FlyGrips to keep on all of my devices! Please feel free to use my testimonial for promotions. I seriously love my FlyGrip and everyone around me knows it! ♥♥♥


I like the Flygrip a lot. I've had four hand surgeries and this device allows me to relax my hand and still be able to securely hold my phone. To be honest, I really like the kickstand. When I listen to music, watch videos or read my Kindle, this feature is most welcome and appreciated.

When the new case arrives for my wife's Droid X, I will install her Flygrip. I'm also recommending this to all of my adult children.
Again, congratulations on the idea and the product.

Bob C., Skokie, IL


We do love it!! I love the confidence in holding the phone. No more worries of dropping it. I especially love it as a kick stand. Great for watching videos. 

David F., Las Vegas, NV


FlyGrip is even better then i expected. its gotten to the point of where if i am not using it my phone feels awkward and unsafe in my hand. i just want to thank you guys for making this device. 



I love my FlyGrip. Makes life with an iPhone vastly more enjoyable. The folks at FlyGrip had it in my hands in just a couple of days. I really don't know how it isn't required with any smartphone purchase, seems to me the phone insurers would mandate one to stop dropped devices. 

Michael H., San Luis Obispo, CA


I love the flygrip. I've only had it a couple of days but the thing it great. i suffer from fat finger syndrome, a condition apparently, according to my doctor, caused by my mass consumption of greasy carnival food during the summer months coupled with lack of exercise. (my doctors cruel) the flygrip fits my hand and the phone just floats. i was surprised just how easier it made using the phone. i love it.

Dave B., Emporium, PA


Yes!!! This thing is awesome!! I have an Epic 4G Touch and if anyone else who is privy to such a phone, its massive. With the Flygrip, it completely made use of my phone actually enjoyable, instead of awkward. Sending/receiving texts, browsing or just playing Angry Birds is a delight with this thing. 

Jonathan M., ROSENBERG, TX


Yes! Flygrip has made things A LOT easier ! 



I was always using my Droid Razr with one hand. I was always afraid I would drop it. With the fly grip I never have to worry about that. 

Tom O., Medina, OH


Being a cancer patient I use my phone alot while sitting or laying in bed during or between treatments. The Flygrip makes this MUCH easier to do! Especially texting or playing games while laying down! Thank you Michael, Abbie and EVERYONE at Flygrip for making a product that makes this terrible disease a little easier to cope with!
Kyle L., Lakeland, FL

Quality product. I'm not nervous about using my phone during hazardous situations anymore (near water, near heights, in large crowds, laying in bed holding my phone in such a way that I'm likely to drop it on my face). The fact that it's also a kickstand is simply ideal. 

Avarik P.


Every time I contact you guys you seem to exceed my expectations. I can not think of another company with better customer service support. I have already spread the word to my friends and family but if there is anywhere else I can leave feedback for your company please let me know. 

Bijan, Sacramento, CA


So far my flygrip has been great! And iI cant wait to show others of its uses!. The flygrip has made it a lot easier to text both one handed and two handed! It shipped from NY to Missouri in 2 days! Had some complications with how i ordered it wrong and they didn't have the case in stock for a bit but they worked with me and got it all figured out! I'm glad i bought the flygrip! I am using it with my samsung epic 4g and an otterbox case! So far itz worked wonderfully! 



This little accessory seems like it could be monumental in the world of Smartphones. After seeing the Galaxy Note at CES I instantly fell in love with the specs and software, but my biggest concern was its size and how I would be able to physically handle the phone. This little accessory seems to answer that question in a HUGE way, and as soon as I pick up the Galaxy Note I'll be sure to pick up the FlyGrip too. 

Comment from Youtube


Mine works great. Comes in handy for sending text messages and dialing the phone with one hand. Feels more secure than when using two hands. 



Got the Flygrip yesterday and you're right, ABSOLUTELY LOVE IT! Congrats on this excellent innovation, don't know how i ever got by w/o it. Spreading the word... https://twitter.com/#!/dgracedotnet/status/165270976177778688

Michelle E. ,DALY CITY, CA


I LOVE MINE ! use it everyday ! 




Georgina V., Thorton, CO


First let me say that i think this product is genius!! I found it while researching something to make smartphone use easier for a friend who had a stroke and only has the use of one hand. But I also thought it would be very useful for me because I have very small hands. 

Leslie D.

I just got my replacement FlyGrip today. Thank you so much! In this past week that I've had and used the FlyGrip, I have come very accustomed to using it. I am now able to navigate my phone and do so many other things too. I've answered text messages while doing photo editing, surfing the web, writing, eating, drinking, etc. I have not once felt like I was going to drop my phone and the general security it adds is outstanding. The added kickstand functionality has even shown its many uses. I do not regret buying a FlyGrip in the least, and I will endorse it wherever I can. Thank you to the amazing FlyGrip support for everything. Support was fast, punctual, and is the epitome good costumer support.

I among many others also heard about the FlyGrip through my good friend qbking77's review video. But even after his high praises, he undersold you all. I couldn't be happier and I hope you the best. Thank you again FlyGrip. You have put me in a great, great mood.

Christian M., SAINT PAUL, MN

Thank you for the fast response. With your advises, I caught the trick to push it into the kickstand position. Buying from your company is my pleasure.

Almost a year ago I bought this product, and I love it!!
Thank you so much for inventing such a useful product.

Hey There, Okay, so y'all might remember me, I was the 1st and probably the only human that wanted to return the Flygrip,(because it felt uncomfortable and didn't really work with me) I still had the intention to return it, but never had the time to do it. So after a month just having it collecting dust I decided to reapply the flygrip in a more comfortable place that works a lot better for me. WELL.... I cant pick up my phone without using the it! I feel silly now. I'm looking into getting a green one with a custom picture on it, what can I do or where do I go? I'm sorry and thanks.
Alain L., Houston, TX


I recently purchased a flygrip, and I have to say that although I was a very skeptical upon purchasing it, I decided why not and went ahead. Needless to say, the flygrip was well worth it because this accessory is absolutely awesome! It really is just insanely comfortable to use and gives me assurance that I won't drop my phone. Although it may be rather silly to say, but It really makes me just love holding my phone for no apparent reason. I strongly recommend others to really give this product a chance because I know they'll love it.

Christian C.,Santa Cruz, CA


Thank you so much! Well for starters I'm handicap and have always had trouble keeping a hand on my cell phones and other hand held electronics. I recently purchased a Samsung Epic Touch 4g quickly realizing it was too big for my hands(4.5 inch screen). I then stumbled across the FlyGrip on XDA forums after watching a review of the FlyGrip i then decided to give it a shot.

After i received it in the mail about a week later i quickly realized this was exactly what i needed, not only did it prevent me from letting the my massive phone slip out of my hands it also had a kickstand:] Well worth the money in my opinion, the FlyGrip became a necessity for me. Makes everyday use a breeze thank you for developing such a useful product.


I have been using the FlyGrip now for close to 45 days. I ordered the white and the green. I am a frequent phone user which means I take my phone out often to browse sites and applications.

The FlyGrip has me addicted. It took me a day to get used to it but now I cant operate without it. I love my iphone 4s and am the kind of guy who is butter fingers (I drop my phones a lot). To ensure that my phone stays protected, I was earlier ordering expensive cases which would protect my i-phone from damage due to falls. Even went to the extent of spending 145$ on an aluminum case. The FlyGrip changed all that. After I got it, I have stopped using all my cases and am only using a clear transparent case to prevent the back panel from getting scratched. Have attached the FlyGrip to my transparent back panel and am using it extensively. It may be a good idea to order a couple of extra adhesive packs if you plan to use the FlyGrip on a case. You get 1 extra adhesive pack with the FlyGrip but I ordered 3 extra to ensure I had the flexibility to change cases once they wear out.

The Benefits

1. Firm Grip- FlyGrip provides a very firm grip on your phone and enables you to use it easily with one hand. I have even gone jogging holding on to my iphone, ran up stairs holding the iphone with the FlyGrip. You feel extremely secure and confident that the phone won't drop. A blessing for someone like me.

2. 1 hand usage- Using the iphone with 1 hand becomes a breeze using the FlyGrip. I can type, check mails, browse twitter, zoom in and out, respond to messages all using one hand. Even if you are the type of person who uses both hands while typing, the Flygrip increases the comfort level of typing with 2 hands and allows you to type faster, more accurately and more comfortably without awkwardly trying to balance your phone and prevent it from dropping or slipping off.

3. Reading in Bed- Lying on the bed and catching up on news or reading on the i-phone is flawless using the FlyGrip. Your hand doesn't hurt, feel strained or feel uncomfortable at all.

4. Using the FlyGrip as a stand- I use the FlyGrip stand also extensively. The phone balances well in both landscape and portrait mode. If you are working and like to see your twitter timeline, using the portrait stand is awesome since you can keep track of your twitter feeds simultaneously without even lifting the phone.

5. Durability- The design and quality of construct of the FlyGrip is robust and it doesn't seem to wear out. I open and close the FlyGrip at least 100 times a day and it hasn't shown any signs of wear and tear till date. The quality of the product seems to be very durable and the FlyGrip doesn't scratch easily or start fading in terms of color.

6. Removing FlyGrip- Easily comes off without leaving any marks or residual shine. It's easy to install a new adhesive back and re-use the FlyGrip if you decide to change cases or phones.

7. Adding Bulk to your phone-Initially when I saw the FlyGrip, I was afraid it would add bulk to my device and make it bulge out in my pocket. I was wrong. The FlyGrip doesn't add too much bulk. Its design is minimalistic and thin. You don't even realize the difference when you put the phone in your pocket. Overall, I have had an excellent experience using the FlyGrip. I am kind of addicted to it. If I take off my case which has the FlyGrip attached to it and try to use my iphone without it, it just doesn't feel right anymore.
Ankesh A., India


I would like to first start of by saying, I don't do this- that is take the time to write to a company regarding their product whether good or bad. This time I couldn't help myself though as I felt I had something important to share...

Since I purchased my Note 2 I looked around for something to help me navigate the large screen with one hand more easily, more for fear of dropping it. After reading countless reviews on all types of one hand assist products, I chose the FlyGrip. I'll admit, it using it took some getting used to, however, now I can't live without it. I use the kickstand function frequently during the day on my desk in portrait mode, and in landscape mode through the night bedside so my wife and I can keep tabs on our little man via a wireless IP cam.

The one thing I felt it was lacking or slowing me down with was in my ability to use the Note 2 laying flat on my desk, to jot notes with the S Pen. Before I purchased the FlyGrip I watched alot of Michael's videos on your YouTube channel and the one that caught my eye was the note taking / swype ability by flipping the case around - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Urzl4YU_l7Q. While the method works well, it just wasn't for me, so I explored...and found what I consider to be a great solution and wanted to share.

For starters I just deploy the FlyGrip as you would normally use to hold one handed. Then I sit it on my desk in an inverted portrait mode, with the home button facing away from me. With the help of a screen rotation app, I can have the screen display in an inverted portrait mode, or upside down. Now I am able to enjoy my Note 2 on my desk at a slight incline that I find is perfect for taking notes via S Pen or finger for that matter and I don't have to remove the case, big plus for me. I might add that in this setup it is solid, and I mean real solid, I can even depress the home button with no problem, no teetering, rocking, etc. I've included a few pics to show the setup.

Hope you or a potential customer finds this useful, as I know I have. Thanks FlyGrip for the great product well worth every penny!
Curtis B.

Thank you all for your great feedback. Keep your emails coming!