Flygrip helps amputees and others get full control of their smartphones, tablets, and ebook readers.

I just wanted to share.

Lately, I have been getting more and more emails from Amputees, muscle/nerve damage victims, Cerebral Palsy, Muscular Dystrophy,  stroke victims, carpal tunnel sufferers and others about how Flygrip has really made a big positive change in their lives.


Early on, Flygrip has gotten attention from main stream users for it's excellent comfortable and productivity, but we also got attention from the amputee community.  One amputee Flygrip user from a hospital in Seattle contacted us initially.  He was thrilled with the product, and wanted to know if we can donate some Flygrips for some of the members in their group.  I gladly sent them a bunch to use, and the response was overwhelmingly positive.  The feedback I received was so heartfelt, that it just made all the work, blood and sweat to make this product so much more worth it.


A few months later, we partnered with Bethany Hamilton. Bethany is a professional surfer, and shark attack survivor. She is most recognized as the story behind the movie "Soul Surfer", and now starred in the movie "Dolphin Tale 2".  Bethany has helped spread the word of the benefits of Flygrip, ad it's been a great partnership.


A few months after that, we donated a few hundred Flygrips to different amputee children organizations for an annual fund raiser they were organizing.


Other amputees, stroke victims and others even commented that they were grateful that the packaging that Flygrip comes in is easily opened unlike the extremely difficult plastic blister packs that some products come in that require two hands, extra set of muscles and a knife to open it.


I am very happy to know that my little invention was making a difference in so many lives.


UPDATE 7/19/2106:

I learned about FLYEASE this morning from a good friend whose child has William's Syndrome. ab Her child will benefit from FLYEASE, just as he benefits from FLYGRIP. Funny how Nike has the name "FLY" in it (FLYGRIP was FIRST BTW :).  This product was developed by thinking outside the box, something I respect very much and think more manufacturers should be thinking this way. There is a big population out there who can benefit from our products.


Overall informative Flygrip video:


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Bethany Speaks out about Flygrip


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On July 23-26, Flygrip is excited to have a booth at the AMPUTEE COALITION Conference in Tucson, Arizona.  We will demonstrate Flygrip to all those who attend!