Multitasking Mothers are using Flygrip to get more accomplished throughout the day

Needing an extra hand throughout the day?

Yes! We re all so busy during the day, it is hard to get everything accomplished.  Anything that can give us additional help would surely be welcomed.

Well, today I got an email from a new mother, Laura.  She wrote to me explaining how her life is so much more difficult and time consuming (yet rewarding), from being a working mother.  Her day is completely filled! Caring for her newborn baby, her family, and her work is next to impossible.

Laura is a self employed, stay at home mom.  She barely makes it through the day until her husband comes home to give her just a little bit of relief and downtime before she passes out for the day.

She explained that dealing with her online Ebay / Amazon / Etsy business was tough enough before the baby, but now it was more difficult and stressful than ever.

Answering emails, phone calls, packing and shipping, and taking care of baby Ryan needed more than two hands throughout the day.  Luckily, she was gifted a Flygrip last week by her husband.

Laura wrote to me and said "You don't understand how much this thing has helps me out!"

She rambled off a list:

1. It allows me to answer emails on one hand, and hold my baby on the other.

2. Sit on the couch and feed my baby with a bottle, while answering the phone and emails with the other.

3. Use the Flygrip's kickstand as a video monitor to see/hear my baby, while I print labels and pack my orders.

4. Shopping for groceries, pushing cart, all with the same hand I have Flygripped my phone (held in reverse grip). My phone is always in my hand for business, and to maximize my day.

Before Flygrip, my day was more stressful and took me almost double the time to accomplish everything. Flygrip made it so I can get two things done at the same time.


Well Laura, I totally understand. Many of us have so much on our plate, and it can be quite overwhelming!

For those of us who are savvy enough to use our smartphones to the fullest definitely makes us more efficient.  Flygrip just takes the word "PRODUCTIVITY" to a whole new level. 

This simple device really does make a big difference for those who utilize it correctly.


Thank you Laura for your email.  I have gotten feedback from other mullt-tasking mothers before, but I thought I should start sharing more of these stories as it will help people realize what can be done once you put your mind to it.