How Flygrip can benefit the Deaf with their Smartphone needs

Is there really a synergy between Flygrip's one handed multitasking abilities and the Deaf community?  The answer is yes!

Most of what I write about comes from my own experiences as well as the feedback I receive from Flygrip users, friends, acquaintances, etc..

Deaf use their smartphones, just like any hearing person, for emails, surfing the net, games, social networking and anything else you can think of...but they also use it more often for video chatting (Facetime, Skype, etc).  Now, some of you may be chat? How can the Deaf "chat" through video?  The answer is Sign language "ASL".

Deaf people use video chat to converse using ASL. Using ASL in video is not only quicker to communicate, it is more personal, you get to visually see the expressions and response from whom you are communicating with..something that seems to be lost in today's cyber texting world. 

Well, Flygrip helps in a few ways:

1. Selfie video chatting is much easier with a Flygrip phone. One hand holding the phone's self facing camera an arm's length away, while one handed ASL.

2. Using Flygrip's kickstand feature to do full blown video chat.

3. Using your smartphone in everyday situations with one hand, while performing ASL to individuals in the real know, like, actually in front of you..

4. Eliminating the fear of dropping your phone also eliminates the need for heavy, bulky cases which in return lessen the eight on your hand, wrist and fingers.


Deaf people are very protective of their hands, as it is their main way of communication.  Anything that can prevent hand cramps is a good thing.....Flygrip solves that.


Once again, I am always humbled by the feedback I receive from Flygrip users.  Thanks for information! I hope it helps someone you know.


See here for a review of Flygrip from a Deaf user: