Best smartphone camera accessory. Improve your picture taking skills with a Flygrip on your Phone. A GoPro for your hand!

There are many tasks that Flygrip will help you to with your device, but picture taking is definitely on the top of the list.

I have seen many people hold their phones with their fingers on the edge of the device as to carefully not touch the front of the screen while trying to take a photo.  Many times the phone slips from their fingers as they try to use their pointer finger to tap the shutter button on the display.  Very awkward! And potentially drop your phone!

Have you ever seen how much easier it is to shoot photos using a Flygrip on your device?  Not only are you able to completely stabilize your camera with one hand, but you can shoot from any angle without the fear of dropping it.  Your thumb will be completely ready for that perfect shot.

You will be able to shoot photos using the rear camera, front facing camera, selfies, as well as over your head or anywhere in between.  I have been at concerts where I was able to reach over the crowd's heads and take perfect photos.

Shooting video has the same benefits. Not only for normal video shooting, but for extreme situations like snowboarding, skating, ziplining, and even surfing (waterproof phone!).  I consider a Flygripped phone almost like a GoPro for your hand.

You can also take self portraits by using the front facing camera and the kickstand that Flygrip provides. Use a self timer, or voice activated shutter, and you are good to go!

Thanks again for the continued support.