Hate us, Cause they Ain't Us...Samsung Galaxy Note Edge and Flygrip...made for eachother.

I like the way Samsung operates.  They have an idea, and they just go for it.  If it doesn't work, then try something else.  If it does work, then keep running with it.

A few years ago when they first created the Galaxy Note, there were SO MANY naysayers.  I find it hilarious and predictable how most people love to dismiss an idea before they ACTUALLY use it.  I'm sure there is a philosophical term for it, but let's just agree that sort of behavior exists.

Many of the press loved to bash Samsung for their 'silly gigantic' Note phone.  Hate Us Cause They Ain't Us, right?


Once Samsung got success on their big Galaxy Note phone that everyone laughed at, then other Android handset makers followed suit..rather quickly. Every single one of them... Then in 2014, Apple had no choice but to follow, because Iphone user's had big screen envy.  Apple jumped the shark, and followed the big screen demand.  (I actually know Jon Hein who coined the phrase Jumped the Shark, so I must give him credit)

Now back to the original post.  Samsung likes to take risks and I am a risk taker, so I appreciate their way of thinking.  Samsung went from screens that were 4" and gradually kept getting larger and larger while offering the smaller screens at the same time.  I guess they figured since they make their own products, let's just try to accommodate every size hand and see what works.  I believe they have been quite successful over the last few years by following that philosophy.

Now comes the Galaxy Note Edge.  Something new to try and see if it sticks.  I only have it a day now, and I can say their are some merits to it.  I am sure I will get a better feel for it after using it for a longer period of time.

The side of the Galaxy Note Edge is a separate screen. So what does that do for you?  Well, it allows for a different spot to display certain information and a spot to click on without interfering with the main front display.

So things like shortcuts to certain apps can be easily launched without having to go back to the main screen to do so. Notifications are displayed on that edge screen as well.  It's 'almost' like a dual monitor on a desktop computer.  I am a firm believer that anyone who wants to be productive on their computer needs a minimum of 2 monitors. I currently have 4 monitors on my main desktop and I find it super useful and keeps me very productive.. So the Edge screen will help a little in that area. 

Pairing the Edge with a Flygrip really makes sense. I mean, of course, I think every Phone should have a Flygrip.  If you read the testimonials on the website, I am not alone on this. Once you really use Flygrip on a daily basis, it's hard to go back to holding your phone any other way.  Having to try to balance and navigate your phone without a Flygrip feels just wrong. Again, back to what I was saying: Note Edge and a Flygrip really makes use of your thumb (only if you are a righty, BTW).  Your thumb can quickly launch apps on that right edge.  This makes multitasking on your device that much easier.

Just my initial impression so far.  I will keep you posted of my thoughts on the Edge once I use it for a longer period of time.

In the meantime, even if the Galaxy Note Edge is not your cup of tea, we should all applaud the risk takers of the world who dare to try something new.




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