To use a case or not to use a case, that is question. Flygrip has it's own opinion.

I love innovation. I mean I truly love it when some company or person comes up with new ideas, or at least improves on a product to make it even better.
In today's smartphone world, "better" according to manufacturers seems to be speed, display quality, size, weight, and of course software and hardware improvements.
Smartphone manufacturers spend a great deal of time and money on R&D to design their phones to be aesthetically pleasing, light in weight, and smaller?! Well not smaller, since screen sizes are getting bigger each year...but smaller in terms of thinness. 
With the beauty of the hardware and feel getting better and better, I find that more people cover up the beauty with a case. All that work that the manufacturers have done to make this technological jewel gets covered up with plastic or rubber or aluminum or something that the case manufacturers came up with.
Well some of us are NOT THAT INTO the beauty of the hardware, and some of us are. Some of us are klutzes and some of us aren't (or use a Flygrip which is Klutz-proof).  This will determine if a case is needed.
I am not one who wants to turn a super thin phone into thick heavy brick. Yes, that Otterbrick has rubber and plastic and will protect your phone if you are one who is prone to drop it, but that is not me. And to turn a pencil thin device into a slab of ugliness, again, not me.
I find myself over the last year to use my Flygrip equipped phone without a case.  I like the feel of some of the newer, premium phones.  Since I never drop my phone, I do not see the need for a case. I like the thin feel and the button feel on the side of the phone, and the volume rockers on the other side. Just feels nice, and when you are handling your Flygrip-enabled phone, you get to enjoy and utilize that beauty. The beauty the way the manufacturer intended.
Sure you can say, well the Flygrip is detracting from your device..but I will disagree. If something makes your device better, more usable, more comfortable, more efficient, it is not a is a welcome addition.
One of the benefits of Flygrip is that you have the choice.  You can use it with a case, or without a case and enjoy everything the manufacturer originally intended, while providing an ergonomic feel that is UNMATCHED by one's hand alone.  Flygrip provides comfort, security (never drop your phone), and the ergonomics to keep your hand at the perfect angle to provide the best thumb reach possible.
Let's face it:  Shuffling your phone in your hand, balancing your phone on your pinky, keeping your phone horizontal as to allow for gravity to sort of keep it in your hand IS NOT CONDUCIVE TO BEING PRODUCTIVE! 
Flygrip eliminates that. I am of average size, and my hand/thumb can reach the top corners (and bottom corners) on even the biggest phones like the Nexus 6, Iphone 6 plus, Galaxy Mega and the Xperia Ultra Z (6.4") as shown in my videos. 
Please consider trying a Flygrip on your device and judge for yourself.  That is why I offer a 60 Day Money back guarantee. I have no problem allowing everyone to try it out. I am that confident you will benefit from it. Thanks Michael