FLYEASE meet FLYGRIP.. Different product, yet similar in one important way

Dear NIKE,

Just do it??  I did do it.  I did it 3 years ago with FLYGRIP.  I just saw that you did it recently..and I commend you on it.


I am referring to your FLYEASE sneaker.  I like that you thought outside the box and engineered something that will help millions of people.  Not just the general population, but those with MS and other difficulties, injuries, ailments, syndromes, diseases that prevent them from using two hands.   See our other blog post about Flygrip and amputees, MS, CP, Stroke victims and more.


Even though FLYGRIP and FLYEASE are two totally different products, they have one BIG SIMILARITY other than the name...Both will help the quality of life of millions of people.  


FLYEASE makes the task of removing and installing your sneaker on your foot easier.


FLYGRIP, however, makes your smartphone and all the tasks you do with it, much easier, and allows for a more productive day.  Flygrip was originally designed as a multi-tasking device. Allowing you to do more in the day by not forcing you to use two hands for all your smartphone tasks.  Flygrip was quickly adopted by thousands of people with disabilities,  injuries or limb loss. Flygrip is more than just a great accessory, but  is a major necessity for some.  You would be amazed how much more productive you can be with Flygrip attached to your device.


Flygrip is a patented device that allows one to use their smartphone easily with one hand.  Flygrip provides an ergonomic grip that is secure and comfortable. It attaches to ANY phone regardless of size or brand. Works with or without a case.


No more juggling your smartphone and balancing it on your pinky finger while you poke at it with your other hand.  Flygrip will allow your thumb to reach all areas of the screen (even 6.4" size screens ,  Iphone 6 plus with a Flygrip)


More Flygrip videos


Flygrip is one of those products, that you need to try first hand (no pun intended), to fully understand how beneficial it is in daily life. That is why we offer 60 Day Money back Guarantee.  See our testimonial page for the kind of enthusiasm our Flygripper customers have about the product.


Interview with Flygrip Founder


Bethany Hamilton speaking about Flygrip:

Thank you for listening,

Michael Kamatz, Flygrip Founder


Flygrip is patented and made in the USA.