Look Up Those Elusive Facts Faster Than Ever!

Everyone has been in this situation – a friend asks, “Who was the actor in that movie?” – and everyone takes out their phones and starts Googling to find the answer. Some people go so fast that they type the wrong question and come up with the wrong answer, or they fumble with their phone and end up dropping it before they can even unlock the home screen. At Flygrip, we believe in helping people find those elusive facts faster than ever, and with our smartphone grip, you can Google any question and have the answer long before your friends have even begun typing their entry with two hands.

Info on the Fly

No one can be expected to know everything about everything, and smartphones and tablets have made accessing important information easier than ever. Whereas someone used to have to go to a library and look up a resource material, or wait until they got home and booted up their desktop computer, we now have an unlimited amount of resources in the palm of our hand. If you’re writing down facts for a research paper and you’re using your phone to look up reputable sources, you can keep one hand free while the other holds your phone with your Flygrip. If you need both hands free, the Flygrip can function as a portable kickstand so you can use both hands to write or type on your laptop.

People use their devices every day to look up information and random facts, and trying to hold your phone with one hand while typing can be a challenge. With a cell phone finger holder, you can find those facts faster than before, and have the information before anyone else! Look through our selection of smartphone grips and find your favorite today.