No More Fumbling With Your Phone

You use your phone every single day, and most likely call, text, or check social media multiple times an hour. Every time you hold your phone, you have to use two hands to ensure you don’t drop it or that you properly type the message you’re trying to send. If you’re always fumbling with your phone or always checking updates while holding something in your other hand, then Flygrip™ is the perfect solution. With our cell phone finger holder, you can accomplish more and drop your phone less!

Multitasking at Its Finest

With our smartphone grip, you can securely hold your phone in one hand and still reach the screen with your thumb. You might be walking your dog after work, and reading your updates and emails is tough when you only have one hand free. By attaching the Flygrip to your phone, you can keep a firm hold, even when your dog sees a cat across the street and starts pulling on the leash. You can also multitask while riding the bus or subway to and from work, and you won’t have to worry about dropping your phone while holding the safety rail with your other hand.

Flygrip also allows you to hold something else in the same hand you have your phone. If you’re carrying a stack of books that require two hands, you can keep your phone in your hand instead of sticking it in your purse or pocket. That way, if somebody calls or texts, you can easily respond without having to put down the books and fish out your phone!

If you’re looking for the perfect solution to dropped phones and cracked screens, shop with Flygrip today!