Take Your Smartphone Grip Into the Most Extreme Environments!

If you’re someone who enjoys filming their extreme sports activities, such as skydiving or base jumping, you’ve probably figured out a way to use your phone to record everything. You may also have professional video equipment, but your smartphone is a quick and easy way to catch a spur-of-the-moment activity (although you’ve probably planned well in advance to go skydiving). However, simply holding your phone in your hand isn’t always the best idea, since it can be easy to drop or lose while you’re moving (or falling towards the earth). At FlyGrip, we wanted to give extreme athletes a way to securely hold their phone while they jumped, dove, skated, or skied. With our smartphone grip, you can feel confident that your device will capture everything and won’t come tumbling out of your hand!

Selfies From the Top of the World

Our cell phone holders are not only popular with those who jump off cliffs and out of planes for fun, but also with those who hike the tallest mountains. You might be trying to conquer all of the 14ers in Colorado, and what better way to celebrate your accomplishment than by taking a selfie on each summit? You’re most likely carrying a pack, wearing plenty of warm clothing, and may have a hiking pole or climbing gear in one or both hands. When you get to the top of the mountain, you may not want to mess with your phone to get a picture, but FlyGrip makes it easy to hold your phone in one hand and snap a photo with the front-facing camera. You won’t have to worry about dropping your phone off the mountain or into some crevice where it will never be seen or heard from again.

Capturing Action In the Moment

For years, skateboarders used handheld camcorders to capture their tricks and create homemade videos to get the attention of potential sponsors. With the advent of YouTube, skaters no longer had to put clips on VHS or DVD; they can now upload their videos instantaneously. With a FlyGrip, they (or their buddies) can easily hold their phone in their hand while trying their first kickflip, grinding a rail, or riding fakie. (Keep in mind, you may need your hands should you mess up a trick or lose your board.)

If you’re looking for a new way to hold your phone while you skydive, skate, or perform another extreme activity, look through our selection today. We have options for every person, and we know you’ll love how securely you can hold your phone in one hand!