Lucky Fin Project Charity Flygrip Black & White w/FREE CASE


Brand: FlyGrip

Product Description

The Lucky Fin Project is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization that exists to raise awareness and celebrate children and individuals born with symbrachydactyly or other limb differences. Our mission is to celebrate, educate, support, and unite children and families facing a limb difference diagnosis.
If you've seen the movie "Finding Nemo" then you know all about Nemo's "lucky fin" and how being made a little differently doesn't stop him from accomplishing anything he sets out to do.  LFP has embraced the reference to "lucky fin" to help children understand their differences and show them that while their "lucky fin"may present a challenge, it is one they can overcome! 

All Flygrip products offer a 60 Day Risk Free Money Back Guarantee.  We offer this guarantee because we feel that when ordering a unique product like this online, you want to make sure it is as good as you have heard.  We know that you will not fully understand how awesome it is until you try it for yourself.  We are THAT confident. No risk to you at all.

Flygrip Gravity is the most innovative smartphone accessory on the market.  It is designed for productivity, comfort, security, and versatility.  Flygrip's engineering and design succeeds in many areas where other accessories fail.

1. Comfort: Once you slide your fingers into a Flygrip, you will have that AHA moment. It just feels right.  Proper way to hold your Flygrip is your middle and ring finger though the grip.  Do not put your entire finger through, just your fingertips poke through, and curl your fingers so your hand and thumb are comfortably and naturally in front of the screen.  This will give you the most comfort and thumb reach.

2. Productivity: You will find that you can do more real world multitasking. VLOG102312

3. Security: You will not drop your phone when using a Flygrip

4. Kickstand: Works in both Landscape and Portrait VLOG092414

5. Works with All phones, and most cases.

6. Comes in sizes to give you the best fit and comfort.  Anything you wear comes in sizes. Shirts, pants, shoes...and Flygrip. Without the right fit, you will not have the right performance and comfort. VLOG-SIZES

The magnet will not have any adverse affect on your phone or tablet. We have thoroughly tested it with many phones.  Watch our magnet experiment on YouTube

Flygrip Gravity is  is built using a stronger plastic composite, magnetic locking mechanism, easier to open and close, and kickstand in both portrait and landscape orientations for phones of all sizes, and tablets up to 10 inches.    

Enables one-handed smartphone usage. 

Attaches directly to smartphone or case. 
When not in use, takes up ¼" on phone or case.

Available in Large and Medium


Please choose correct size FlyGrip (see last picture shown for sizing chart) or

Click here for video showing the different sizes


*Tablets require the Flygrip to be placed in specific areas for the kickstand to work properly