What makes Flygrip the choice for Professionals?

Flygrip is the #1 choice for those who want the best performance from their devices.




Flygrip is the only grip that automatically pops up into your hand when needed. Our patented, spring loaded grip, pops up ready for your fingers in a split second.  Unlike completing products that require two hands to get their product open to use, Flygrip is designed for one hand, and opens with one hand, allowing you to never miss an beat.  See video vlog072812 for a demonstration of how fast you can open.



Engineered to enable everyone to have a superior thumb reach with their device..all with one hand.  Flygrip was developed by a multi-tasker, for multi-taskers.  Designed to make you more productive throughout your day and utilize our powerful smartphones to their fullest.



Selfie stick? Really? Flygrip makes selfies super convenient.  Photos and videos are shot with just one hand with complete safety.  You will no longer have to balance your phone on your pinky, no more holding your phone with two hands on the edge as to not touch the screen by accident. Flygrip puts you in total control.



Flygrip doubles as a kickstand in both portrait and landscape. This allows for great movie viewing as well as video conferencing.



Flygrip is the choice for active people..I mean ACTIVE.. See video above for Skydiver jumping out with their Flygrip enabled Phones.


There is so much more to Flygrip, browse the rest of the site and learn about how Flygrip can help you get the most out of your device.

Always feel free to email us about any questions you may have