TastyTrade Flygrip w/FREE CASE


Brand: FlyGrip

Product Description

Flygrip Gravity is the latest version of the popular Flygrip.  It is the culmination of what we have learned over the last 2 years from Flygrip Original, and Flygrip 1.5.  The Gravity version is built using a stronger plastic composite, magnetic locking mechanism, easier to open and close, and kickstand in both portrait and landscape orientations for phones of all sizes, and tablets up to 10 inches.    
Enables one-handed smartphone usage. 

Attaches directly to smartphone or case. 

When not in use, takes up ¼" on phone or case.
Available in Large and Medium

Cases for  Other Manufacturers


*Tablets require the Flygrip to be placed in specific areas for the kickstand to work properly