It's an Epidemic! Bent Smartphone Pinky

It's no joke. Hundreds of people have reported bent pinky fingers from hold their smartphones.  And those are only the one's who have reported about their ailment, I'm sure there are thousands or more out there.

You know what I mean, balancing your phone in your hand with your poor, little pinky finger suffering to keep it upright.

Our hands are not made for this. There are also lots of carpal tunnelvictims also being reported.  Just GOOGLE "Smartphone pinky" or "Smartphone Carpal Tunnel" as you we get thousands of results.

This type of repetitive movement and strain will cause more and more problem for yourself as time passes.  You don;t want to end up with some messed up claw hand when you are older in life.  Trust me, you don't want that!

Do yourself a favor, get a Flygrip, as you can see below, your hand is in such a comfortable and stress-free position. No more balancing on your pinky, no more dropping your phone, no more contorted hand positions!  

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